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The Next Covid Crisis Could Be a Wave of Suicides

Isolation and anxiety are a recipe for substance abuse and mental illness. A new study predicts 75,000 “deaths of despair.”

The isolation, grief and economic hardship related to Covid-19 are creating a mental health crisis in the U.S. that researchers warn could make the already-rising suicide rate worse.  read more…

More Than Just a Trip: Why Does Ketamine Work for Depression When Nothing Else Does?

By Darisse Smith
3/10/2020 10:15AM

Even though depression is a common and debilitating mental illness, the last groundbreaking medication released for it was Prozac, approved in 1987. Throughout the last 20 years, though…read more

Therapists Are Unprepared to Talk to People About Taking Psychedelics

By Shayla Love
Mar 2 2020, 5:00am

Michael Kuntz had been in talk therapy for a couple years, and felt stuck, like he wasn’t making progress on his anxiety or depression. “I found myself at a place where I couldn’t understand where this was all coming from, what was buried beneath the surface,” the 41-year-old said.   read more…

Short Term Treatments for Depression: Ketamine vs. ECT

February 12, 2020
Anna Bella Zawahir

While electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and ketamine are both effective treatments for depression, ketamine was found to have a faster onset of action and better short-term cognitive outcomes than ECT, according to study results published in the Journal of Psychiatric Researchread more

Sublingual Ketamine: An Option for Increasing Accessibility of Ketamine Treatments for Depression?

Published online: January 28, 2020

To the Editor: A recent review on oral ketamine for depression described an antidepressant effect that was delayed in the range of 2–6 weeks, as compared to the rapid action of intravenous (IV) ketamine treatment. This differs from our clinical experience using sublingual (SL) ketamine to treat patients with severely treatment-resistant depression (TRD). In our experience, SL ketamine can both provide and sustain rapid antidepressant effects. We suspect this difference may be a dose effect, and we wish to note that to determine appropriate dosing for future prospective studies, bioavailability of each formulation of ketamine must be considered….read more

Anti-depressant spray not recommended on NHS

28 January 2020

A fast acting ketamine-like anti-depressant spray that can lift mood within hours has been rejected by the NHS healthcare watchdog.

The National Institute for Health and Care and Excellence (NICE) says there are too many uncertainties about the correlation between the price and clinical benefits of esketamine…read more

Ketamine Plus Motivational Enhancement Therapy: Leveraging a Rapid Effect to Promote Enduring Change

Problematic alcohol use and its sequelae are major causes of medical morbidity worldwide and leading contributors to excess mortality. Globally, the estimated 12-month and lifetime adult prevalence rates of alcohol use disorder are 8.5% and 20%, respectively, with even higher rates in the United States. Remarkably few individuals receive any treatment for alcohol use disorder, and even fewer receive evidence-based psychotherapeutic or pharmacological treatment…read more

The Complete Guide to Ketamine Therapy for Depression, From Someone Who’s Tried It

This piece is part of Allure’s Let’s Talk Therapy series. 

When I entered the ketamine clinic for the first time, I started crying almost immediately. This was for two reasons: First and foremost, I was scared. After watching a documentary that introduced me to the subject and reading several accounts of ketamine infusion therapy, I knew a fair amount about the process. But the experience sounded strange, disorienting, and mysterious. Despite having done my research, I still didn’t feel like I had a good idea of exactly what it would feel like….read more

Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America’s Rising Suicide Rate

By Cynthia Koons and Robert Langreth

A version of the club drug is expected to be approved for depression in March. Researchers think it could help treat suicidal thinking…read more

Ketamine Changes Course of Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

Currently, there is an unmet need for the development of rapid-acting antidepressants aimed at treatment-resistant patients with either major depressive disorder (MDD) or bipolar disorder. A review of existing treatment options, as well as future possibilities, was published in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciencesread more

CT Psychiatrist Shows Titrated IV Ketamine Can STOP Suicidality


Lori Calabrese, M.D., LLC 

Lori Calabrese, MD, Innovative Psychiatry,
South Windsor, CT

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lori Calabrese, M.D., Innovative Psychiatry (https://loricalabresemd.com). Local psychiatrist publishes data demonstrating that the use of a series of IV ketamine infusions, with dose adjustments, can stop suicidal thoughts and avert ER trips and hospitalizations. The research, published in the International Journal of Psychiatry Research, comprised a retrospective chart review of 231 patients with treatment resistant depression and co-occurring complex psychiatric illnesses treated in a large psychiatry office…read more

Ketamine may treat harmful drinking behavior by ‘rewriting drinking memories,’ researchers say

(CNN)A single dose of ketamine may be able to curb harmful drinking behavior by “rewriting drinking memories,” according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications….read more