ASKP3 Expert Faculty 

In Summer 2023, the ASKP3 Board of Directors began development of a Faculty of Experts.  The aim of this project is to bring together key thought leaders and industry experts that will help to develop a roadmap for the future of ketamine and emerging treatments.

In July 2023, a special invitation went to over 90 practitioners in the industry.  Below is additional information on this developing project.  

What is the aim of forming a faculty of experts for ASKP3?

ASKP3 recognizes how important the non-profit space is in building a foundation for the medical community that encompasses a broad range of practitioners and embraces a new way of thinking that will become the standard for engagement, learning, and practice.  

The Board strongly believes that without a foundation rooted in expertise, research, education, and standards, the ketamine landscape risks businesses prioritizing profit over best practice and patient care. 

To that end, the chief aim of a faculty of industry experts, researchers, and leaders will be to develop a roadmap for the future of ketamine and emerging treatments. 

The faculty will serve as an extension of the ASKP3 Board and will include psychiatrists, pharmacologists, anesthesiologists, psychotherapists, CRNAs, internists, ER and pain specialists, licensed counselors and social workers, researchers and PhDs.

What are the key objectives for developing a faculty of experts for ASKP3?

The initial objectives of the faculty of experts will be to help develop the frame for ASKP3’s culture around three pillars: Community, Education, and Standards. 

This includes helping us define what these pillars stand for as well as establish roadmap and future goals for each pillar that can be actuated in 2024. We believe these pillars are the foundation of ASKP and will shape how we engage and learn from each other across our diverse pool of members. 

What are the deliverables for the faculty of experts over the next six months? 

The faculty of experts will engage in several online workshops through Q3/Q4 to provide feedback on and help further develop the framework centered around our pillars of Community, Education, and Standards. 

A separate half-day in-person workshop will be held ahead of the ASKP3 annual conference in Austin in December to discuss roadmaps and 2024 goals. The faculty will also be introduced to the membership at the 2023 ASKP3 Annual Conference, December 8 – 9, in Austin, Texas, USA.  

What is the expected time commitment over the next six months?

The initial workshops to develop the framework for the faculty will require approximately 2-4 hours of time. Additional correspondence will be held via email through Q4 2023. The workshop held in conjunction with the 2023 ASKP3 Annual Conference is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 7 in Austin, Texas.  

In the coming months, ASKP3 will add information about the faculty to this page; including faculty biographies and meeting outcomes.  Continue to check back for more information!

Below are the defined organizational pillars along with the 2023 – 2024 Expert Faculty goals.