Who Is ASKP3?

The American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners (ASKP3) is a non-profit group of professionals dedicated to the safe clinical use of ketamine for mental health disorders and pain conditions.

Formed in 2016, ASKP3 represents a growing membership of over 400 multidisciplinary professionals.

ASKP3 Vision Statement

An interdisciplinary community of collaborative practitioners led by experts providing education and ethical standards for patient care with ketamine and emerging treatments.


ASKP3 Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the treatment of mental and physical health through the use of ketamine by:

  • Establishing scientific, ethical and transparent standards among practitioners
  • Advancing the quality of care through the furthering of knowledge, the exchange of ideas, and research
  • Fostering multidisciplinary collaboration to improve patient outcomes
  • Educating the clinical communities about all aspects of this treatment modality
  • Building awareness and understanding among the general population, legislators, regulators and payers
  • Welcoming relationships that support the development of other psychedelic therapies