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What is ASKP?

The American Society of Ketamine Physicians is a group of professionals dedicated to the safe clinical use of ketamine for mental health disorders and pain conditions.

ASKP is officially open for membership. We will be launching more content soon.

The mission of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians

  • to advocate for the safe and effective use of ketamine in the treatment of mental illness and pain disorders;

  • to expand access to ketamine therapy nationwide;

  • to promote high scientific, ethical, and professional standards among physicians providing ketamine therapy for mental illness and pain disorders;

  • to maximize quality of care by furthering knowledge, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and research in the use of ketamine and other psychotropic medications for the treatment of mental illness and pain disorders.

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Current benefits of membership include:

Listing on our website’s provider directory.  Physician memberships only.  2 locations per physician level membership.  More than 2 requires additional fees.  Contact us for details

Discount to annual scientific conference (Spring 2018).

Quarterly webinar for member Q&A.

On-line closed forum for practitioners to discuss issues relevant to the clinical use of ketamine (coming soon).


Thank you again for your interest in joining our society. Your application is subject to approval. We reserve the right to decline your membership.

Questions can be addressed to: info@askp.org    Our group can be found at:  www.askp.org

2017 American Society of Ketamine Physician Officers and *Founding Members:

Steven Mandel, MD*  President

Steven Levine, MD*  Vice-President

Sandhya Prashad, MD*  Secretary

Carl J. Bonnett, MD*  Treasurer

Jake Hollingsworth, DO*

Isabel Legarda, MD*

Megan Oxley, MD*


The Society does not endorse any of the products, vendors, providers,documentation, or services referenced in this website. Any mention of products, vendors, providers, documentation, or services is for informational purposes only